Alumni Association

Executive Committee

The governing body, or Board of Directors, of the Association comprises its form directors, who are responsible for electing the officers of the Association: a president, an executive vice president, and the alumni fund chair. These officers serve three-year terms. In addition to the elected officers, the president, in consultation with the Nominating Committee, appoints a clerk and an Executive Committee of up to fifteen members from the Board of Directors, and may appoint other assistant officers when appropriate. The Executive Committee has the full power to act for the Board of Directors when the Board is not in session.
William J. Dunn III ’02
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Shaun L. Rein ’96
Executive Vice President
Shanghai, China
Amachie K. Ackah ’90
SPS Fund Chair
Bryn Mawr, Pa.
Caroline La Voie ’88, P’20,’21 *
Vice President
Orinda, Calif.
Graham S. Browne ’04
Jackson Heights, N.Y.
Alison Manolovici Cody ’88, P’20,’22,’25
New York, N.Y.
Elisabeth “Beth Anne” George ’13 *
Providence, R.I.
Caryn Cross Hawk ’76, P’09
Chicago, Ill.
Raymond Joseph, Jr. ’90
Scarsdale, N.Y.
Eliot W. Larson, ’69 *
Charlestown, Mass.
Ben A. Loehnen ’96 *
New York, N.Y.
Dorien Nunez ’75 *
New Orleans, La.
Page M. Sargisson ’93
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Yasmin M. Vera ’09
Brooklyn, N.Y.
* form director
Scholarship. Leadership.
Character. Community.
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