SPS 360

SPS 360 is our approach to holistic learning.

We live together, we learn together and we serve others together.

As a 100% boarding school, every aspect of our day unfolds on and around our grounds, beginning with Chapel in the morning, and continuing through classes, meals, clubs, sports and much more.

There’s much to learn in our classrooms — but every bit as much to learn as we engage one another daily in a community that is diverse, inclusive and dedicated to serving the greater good.

Day in the Life

Meet Jack '24

Student LinC Leader

“The Living in Community program has always been something I thought was important — the whole basis of the School is built around the idea of community. Some of my close friends were LinC leaders, and so becoming one myself seemed like a good way to put myself out there.”

Day in the Life

Meet Lauren '25

Ballet Dancer

“I love to dance — I find it fun! I like to perform and wear the tutus and stuff. And the St. Paul’s School Ballet Company is like a family, really. We spend all three terms together, five or six days a week.”

Day in the Life

Meet Ian '25

Science Scholar

“I’m taking both Honors Chemistry and Robotics this term — it’s a lot of science, but I really like being able to take both at the same time. I’m in class with some friends, which is nice. And my teachers are great.”

Day in the Life

Meet Anna '23

Classics Scholar

“Why study classics? Knowing Latin and Greek just opens up so much literature to you — reading those foundational stories in their original languages. And then there’s exposure you get to the rich history and the cultures that came out of ancient Rome and ancient Greece.”

Aerial of the Academic area of campus
View from Here

360 degrees of exploration — from the academic buildings and performance spaces to the trails, waterways and fields of our 2,000-acre campus.