What does learning look like at SPS? Curiosity. Engagement with ideas. The excitement of discovery. The possibilities a team can create. The academic environment at St. Paul’s invites students not just to absorb knowledge, but even to create it.


Scholarship: Openness to the ideas of other times and our own – in other words, a love of learning – is essential for success at St. Paul’s. The courses will challenge you to develop your own understanding of the material – not just memorize knowledge to repeat on a test. Scholarship at SPS means a great deal more than burying one’s head in a book; the life of the mind extends well beyond the classroom and lab.
Collaboration: Learning at St. Paul’s is often a community enterprise, in which the shared rewards of a team’s achievements are worth a project’s hard work. Learning the give and take that leads to success, breaking through frustration, sometimes failing before accomplishing a goal together – collaboration is the way of the world, and it’s often the way this community works best.
Innovation: Good teachers recognize that none of us learns in quite the same way. They understand that teaching, as with every other profession, evolves as better approaches are developed. St. Paul’s is committed to adopting and enhancing the most effective ways of helping young people learn – and enjoy their learning.
Mission: No matter the breadth of our offerings, the excellence of our faculty, or the abilities of our students, the School cannot fulfill its mission without the commitment to our central values of social responsibility and leading young people toward lives of service toward a greater good.


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