At St. Paul’s School, we live and learn together on a 2,000-acre campus and, together, work to create a community where each member feels a sense of belonging and strives to practice and promote the values that have defined our School for more than 150 years. 

Here, we greet each other on the walkways, whether we know you or not. We attend Chapel four mornings a week as a full assembly of students and faculty to begin our day together, connect, and share in the news of the day. We work hard in our classes, on the field or stage, and we also make room for fun — in club meetings, social gatherings and special events. We go home each night to houses where students of all ages live together, and their advisers are their neighbors, just a door knock away. 

SPS Honor Code

“To live honorably, we as members of the St. Paul’s community strive to be truthful, respectful, and kind.”


Living Here

Seventeen beautiful dormitories. One close-knit family. St. Paul’s is one of the only high schools in the U.S. where all faculty and students live together on campus. Your friends will become your family. Your residential house will feel like home.



At St. Paul’s School, Chapel is a space of belonging and connection. Four mornings a week, Chapel is an opportunity for us to gather as a community — and to start our day together.


Community Engagement

From mentoring local elementary school children to fundraising for local organizations, community engagement is built into the DNA of St. Paul’s School. Our program provides many opportunities to help others and is one way we define “service to the greater good.”


Student Health and Wellness

We are here for you, 24/7. Physical and mental health and wellness are essential to thriving — in and beyond our classrooms. Our student support and wellness programs promote healthy development in every aspect of our students’ lives.  

Thomas Gregston

What I drew from this place is how transformative and how powerful being a member of St. Paul’s can be, and getting to work in the Dean of Students Office means I get to be involved in that on a daily basis.

Meet Mr. Gregston
Student Voices

What's Community Like?

Hear SPS students describe community life during their first fall on campus. 

Sixth Formers at opening days
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