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We call our approach to learning SPS 360, the integration of social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth into every aspect of each student’s life.
It is the heart of St. Paul's School: its daily rhythms, its guiding principles, its grounding practices, its DNA. Like the School itself, SPS 360 is designed to be intentional, responsive, evolving, accountable, and always student-centered. Our reason for existence is to provide our students with the most effective and vital education possible, in all areas of their lives here and for life beyond, in a world of limitless challenge and opportunity. SPS 360 defines learning outcomes and developmentally appropriate skills that are foundational to student success as academically and engaged citizens. Content may perhaps fade over time, but the values-based skills that students learn here endure. 

Kathleen C. Giles, Fourteenth Rector

“St. Paul's develops student potential in its totality – moral and ethical, intellectual, social, and emotional – for the good of society and our world”
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Learn Together. Grow Together.

Our students won't simply obtain knowledge, they will develop the understanding and ability to apply that knowledge in new and unfamiliar contexts – whether that's inside the classroom or on the field. Valuable learnings from courses or next-level learning are embellished further in social clubs, athletics, and beyond.

A Transformative Experience

The community-driven, values-based nature of our boarding school provides a strong foundation for powerful emotional and spiritual immersion. Students are encouraged to make the most out of their SPS journey, intertwining their studies with performing arts, religious services, and community engagement.
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