I’m a big science guy, and the SPS science program is awesome. There are so many different classes you can take — sciences, math, computer programming and robotics. And the Lindsay Math and Science Center is incredible.”


6:30 a.m.: I start my day at the gym

Three or four times a week I’ll hit the weight room at the Athletic and Fitness Center and then get to the dining hall early for breakfast. I’m usually there before it gets busy, which is kind of nice. I like the omelet station and the pancakes — really, it’s all good. If it’s a Thursday, I’ll have breakfast with Athletes for Christ, which is one of the clubs I’m involved with. Last year I did chess, too. Then it’s off to Chapel and classes.

Working out at gym
Outside of AFC
Ian Chang in Chem 1 Honors class

Chem 1 Honors

I have chemistry with Ms. Boylan during E block. I’m in the honors section, which moves through the material a little more quickly. My friend Pierce is in the class with me. Right now, we’re doing a lab about finding the density of aluminum foil and then determining its composition based on that density.

Chinese class with my sister

Nihao! B block is Chinese 3 honors with Mr. Murray. My dad is Taiwanese, and I wanted to take Mandarin in part so I can communicate with my grandparents. My sister is in class with me, which is really cool … she’s a new Fifth Former who came to St. Paul’s in part because she saw what a great experience I was having here. Mandarin is really challenging, but Mr. Murray makes it fun. 

Ian Chang in Coding Class

Intro to Coding

I’m also in coding. My teacher is Mr. Odom, who was my physics teacher last year. He’s a super nice guy! We’re working with a program called Arduino that’s used to create interactive electronic objects. Right now, we’re just learning the basics, but we’re going to be making art through programming.

3 p.m. is cross country practice

In winter I do wrestling, and in spring I play lacrosse, but right now it’s cross country season. The team is great! During practice, if it’s a short run, we’ll stick to the cross country course and the trails around school, but if we’re running longer, we’ll go to into Concord — there’s a lot of good trails there, too. 

Learn about athletic facilities at SPS.

After dinner: Friedman with friends

After a shower and dinner, I head back to the dorm, get some homework done. I try to be finished by around 8 p.m. so I can head over to Friedman with some friends. Friedman’s the community center, and it’s a great place to hang out. There are pool tables and ping pong downstairs, and upstairs is the Kwok Café if you want to grab a snack. 

students roasting marshmallows
Hanging out at Friedman
Playing ping pong at Friedman