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St. Paul’s School strives toward Beloved Community in which the diversity of perspectives is honored, affirmed, and included. We aggressively seek applications from candidates who will promote this commitment to hiring diverse faculty members dedicated to the fully residential model of an intentional school community. Candidates reflect a demonstrated focus on the important work of diversity, equity, and inclusion, an understanding of social-emotional learning in a developmental and relational context, and deep devotion to teaching in their area of expertise realized in a growth mindset. Faculty are eager to live among and teach young men and women from all over the world and are energized by this multi-faceted work. Coeducational and fully residential, St. Paul's School offers educators an experience that extends well beyond the classroom, as faculty members serve as advisers, coaches, and mentors.

We are currently seeking applicants for the following opportunities:

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  • Humanities Teacher

    St. Paul’s School announces a search for the position of Humanities Teacher to begin duties in August 2021. This position requires a desire to embrace the unique Humanities model at St. Paul’s School, which includes a primary focus on the integration of English and History and a secondary focus on other disciplines (religion, philosophy, political science, geography), a background in global studies, and familiarity with classroom technology. The position requires experience in and a commitment to an active learning classroom and backwards design planning. Humanities teachers place a priority on development of skills related to rigorous classroom discussion of course content, scholarly research, writing, and critical reading and reasoning.
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  • Boys Varsity Soccer Coach

    St. Paul’s School announces a search for a boys varsity soccer coach to begin duties in August 2021. This position requires a desire to oversee the entire boys’ soccer program during the fall season.
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  • Head Wrestling Coach

    St. Paul’s School announces a search for a Head Wrestling coach to begin duties in November 2021 (August 2021 if part of full-time employment.)
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  • Boys Varsity Tennis Coach

    St. Paul’s School announces a search for a boys varsity tennis coach to oversee the entire boys’ tennis program during the fall season.
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  • Physics Teacher

    St. Paul’s School announces a search for a Science Teacher to begin duties in August 2021.  This individual’s primary responsibility will be to teach three to four classes of physics.  There may also be an opportunity to teach chemistry or biology in the future.     
    St. Paul’s School offers a Physics First curriculum.  The core course sequence consists of physics in the first year of high school followed by chemistry and biology.  In addition to offering biology (Fifth Form or 11th grade), the science department also offers advanced courses such as molecular biology, environmental science, advanced physics, and many others.  The mission of our core sciences is to prepare students to be curious science students who take an inquiring perspective about the world and are inspired to take more science courses.   
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  • Counselor

    St. Paul’s School seeks a full-time counselor. This position is a school year position and will report to the Director of Counseling Services and the Medical Director. Within the framework of an integrated health care model, the counselor supports the health and well-being of all students, evaluates and diagnoses students encountering psychological difficulties, recommends and coordinates treatment plans, provides therapy and triage, and works with other members of the Health Center and faculty. A strong background in child and adolescent development, diagnosis, psychotherapy, and collaborative treatment models are necessary.
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  • Teacher of Spanish

    Looking ahead to anticipated needs, St. Paul’s School invites applications for the position of Teacher of Spanish. Should this position become available, duties would begin late August 2021. The St. Paul’s School Language Department requires students to not only master the mechanics of another language but also to immerse themselves in the arts, traditions, and customs of those who speak it. Under the direction of the faculty – and aided by the multimedia Language Center – students come to understand different ways of thinking and living. The result is a consciousness that is
    truly global. Extensive offerings are provided in four modern languages – Chinese, French, German, and Spanish – and in Latin and Greek, taught for beginners through a multitude of courses for advanced students.
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  • 120 faculty

  • 5:1 student to teacher ratio

  • 80% with advanced degrees

  • 22 average years of experience

  • 26% faculty of color

  • 10 alumni/ae faculty

  • 100% full-time faculty live in residence

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