Faculty Positions

    • Political Science class with Chris Carter

St. Paul’s School strives toward Beloved Community in which the diversity of perspectives is honored, affirmed, and included. We aggressively seek applications from candidates who will promote this commitment to hiring diverse faculty members dedicated to the fully residential model of an intentional school community. Candidates reflect a demonstrated focus on the important work of diversity, equity, and inclusion, an understanding of social-emotional learning in a developmental and relational context, and deep devotion to teaching in their area of expertise realized in a growth mindset. Faculty are eager to live among and teach young men and women from all over the world and are energized by this multi-faceted work. Coeducational and fully residential, St. Paul's School offers educators an experience that extends well beyond the classroom, as faculty members serve as advisers, coaches, and mentors.

Faculty Fast Facts

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  • 117 faculty

  • 5:1 student to teacher ratio

  • 73% with advanced degrees

  • 22 average years of experience

  • 29% faculty of color

  • 12 alumni/ae faculty

  • 100% full-time faculty live in residence

Scholarship. Leadership.
Character. Community.
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