St. Paul’s School is a place where you can try new things and meet so many different types of people. Whether it’s cultural dinners in the Upper, trying a new sport — I’m going to play JV basketball next year; I haven’t played basketball since like fifth grade.”

Carson Daniell Chinese 2 Honors class

A Block is Chinese 4

After breakfast and Chapel, I head to Chinese 4. We get lively — you know, singing and dancing, so it wakes you up in the morning for sure! I had Mrs. Li as a Third Former and I’m in her class again this year; last year I was with Mr. Murray. They are both great and make class fun. My mom immigrated here from China and my grandparents still live there; they don’t speak English very well, but now I can sustain conversations with them in Chinese.


Humanities is definitely my strong suit; classes are usually in the form of a long block. We get into really good discussions in class and the readings are engaging. Right now, we’re learning about Native American history and civil rights. I’m also interested in creative writing, so I’m excited to take that elective next year.

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Carson Daniell in game vs Dexter 2022

Varsity Football

Varsity football in the fall is my main sport, and my position is middle linebacker. I’ve been playing football since third grade and I have always loved it. When you’re out there it feels like a family because everyone is relying on you and you’re relying on them. It’s one of the only sports where you can really line up against someone else and you know who’s better that play. When I’m on the field, that’s where I’m the most focused.

Meeting with Coach Vandersea

A lot of times, a coach is a coach on the field, and he might be great there, but I might not see him as much off the field. What sets Coach Vandersea apart is that he’s more of a mentor… we see each other off the football field, too. He advises in North and I have some great buddies who live there, so I’m in there a lot.


Carson meeting with Coach Vandersea
Football team as they win against Dexter

Student Affinity Group Meeting

I’m part of the Asian Society and the Mixed Heritage Society affinity groups at SPS. Each group meets a couple times a term to talk about current events and issues pertaining to race, and then we get to enjoy food from different cultures — that’s part of the draw, for me! Each group is 100% open to new people, or people who don’t attend every event, so the number of kids involved fluctuates all the time.

Friends and Homework

After dinner, my friends and I will either go to Chapel Lawn to play spike ball or volleyball, or we’ll go to Friedman and hang out before going back to the dorms to get some work done. My roommate Brian and I were a random pairing as Third Formers and we chose to room together again. He’s also a football and lacrosse player, so we’re great friends.

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Spikeball on Chapel Lawn 2023
Carson at the firepit with friends
Advisee Dinner 2023
Dorm Room