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Why St. Paul's?

The implicit promise of St. Paul’s School has always been a transformative education, rooted in the highest standards of academic excellence, nurtured by Episcopalian values, and enriched by the opportunity to learn in a fully residential setting.
We are a community of learners, where excellence is a shared pursuit. We learn together in a living community where each of us is a valued citizen with important contributions to make. 

Our Values

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SPS and Beyond

Graduates of St. Paul’s School enter the world as young adults who have the courage, confidence, competence, and vision to apply their education toward advancing the greater good in service to a more humane, just, and loving world.

A singular, transformative experience.

Every day in the life of a St. Paul's School student invites and requires – scholarship, leadership, character, community, all in the service of bringing good to a world in need. Experience the opportunity to learn with people from around this world and to learn in different places around this world.

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Scholarship. Leadership.
Character. Community.
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