Our Living in Community, or LinC, curriculum is designed to help provide students with the tools to grow as knowledgeable, responsible, caring, and contributing members of society.

Six dedicated instructors teach LinC classes for Third- and Fourth-Formers. In classes of 12 or fewer students, topics such as cultural competency, diversity and inclusivity, personal identity, sexuality, drugs and alcohol, gender, and wellness are explored. Students also attend small LinC classes focused on issues surrounding sexual intimacy, bystander intervention, and how to successfully transition to college life.

Screen-Life Balance

Guest speaker and student LinC leaders discuss the impact phone usage has on adolescents and share health and wellness tips during Fall Term LinC Day.

The Curriculum

The St. Paul’s School LinC curriculum helps students develop competencies in five critical areas: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship-building, and positive decision-making. It is a broad-based curriculum that we’re delivering in the classroom, on the fields, and in the entire house experience.

More importantly, it’s a collaborative process between faculty and students. A group of student LinC leaders meet regularly to discuss programming, and three student-initiated, student-led LinC Days are held each year on topics of importance to community life. Visiting speakers who are subject matter experts are often invited to participate on these days.  

Third Form course (full year, required)

This course meets once a week and serves as an introduction and transition to living in our residential community. Topics include, but are not limited to, self-awareness, respect for self and others, communication and compromise, healthy choices and appropriate use of technology. This course encourages students to develop a balanced approach to their experience at St. Paul’s School.

Fourth Form course (one term, required)

This course meets three times a week. Fourth Formers discuss the myriad topics that influence their growth as individuals. Topics include interpersonal relationships, diversity in all its forms, sexuality and substance use. We explore these issues in many ways, and grapple with contemporary topics in an effort to understand how to live in community while making individual choices. Our goal is to provide accurate information in a trusting environment as our students develop their own perspective and identity.

Fifth and Sixth Form Seminar (fall, winter and spring term, required)

This course meets nine times a year. The seminar provides an intensive training in bystander intervention and human sexuality.

Linc Leaders Lunch Meeting

I think the LinC program, which stands for “living in community,” is one of the most important aspects of life at SPS … it’s all about acknowledging and appreciating our differences and building a respectful space for everyone at SPS.”

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