In 1997 the Executive Committee established The Alumni Association Award, to recognize and honor those members of the Association who have been a credit to the School and its teachings. The Alumni Association Award is the highest distinction that can be bestowed on an alumna or alumnus by the Association. Its recipients are those living alumni who, through outstanding service, have improved the quality of life in a community on a local, national, or global level. The recipients are selected by the Presidents Council, which comprises the president and past presidents of the Alumni Association, as well as the Executive Director and past Executive Directors. The Award is presented at the Alumni Association Annual Meeting in April.


List of 14 items.

  • 2019 Recipients

    Dr. Etienne Poirot ’79
    Victor Young ’74
  • 2018 Recipients

    Lee Cummings Rhodes '81
    The Form of 1970 (SPS Sparks)
  • 2017 Recipient

    John H. Shattuck, 1961
  • 2016 Recipient

    William Taft, 1962
  • 2015 Recipients

    Peter McBride, 1989
    Theodore "Ted" C. Achilles Jr., 1954
  • 2014 Recipients

    Katharine M. Esselen, 1998
    Albert R. "Pete" Gurney Jr., 1948
    Randa Wilkinson, 1975
  • 2013 Recipients

    Andrew Gauldin, 1989
    Kiff Gallagher, 1987
    David Hunt, 1957
  • 2012 Recipients

    Sam Beard, 1957
    John F. Kerry, 1962
    Katherine A. Tarbox, 2000
  • 2011 Recipient

    William R. Matthews Jr., 1961
  • 2010 Recipients

    Tatsuo Arima, 1953
    Nicholas Platt, 1953
    David Nelson, 1980
  • 2009 Recipients

    Bayard Clarkson, 1944
    Richard Barth, 1985
  • 2008 Recipient

    Kevin Gover, 1973
  • 2007 Recipients

    Jonathan T. M. Reckford, 1980
    Richard E. Schade, PhD, 1962
    Meg Vaillancourt, 1974
  • Past Recipients

    The Rt. Rev. G. P. Mellick Belshaw, 1947
    Mr. Charles Douglas Best, 1994
    Mr. James Forney Bodine, 1940
    Ms. Lorene Emily Cary, 1974
    Mr. Eliot Warner Coleman, Jr., 1957
    Prof. Archibald Cox, 1930
    Mr. Marshall J. Dodge, Jr., 1929
    Mr. Anthony Drexel Duke, Sr., 1937
    The Most Rev. Frank T. Griswold III, 1955
    Mr. T. Edward Hambleton, 1930
    The Hon. Amory Houghton, Jr., 1945
    Mr. Alan A. A. Khazei, 1979
    Mr. James Wesley Kinnear III, 1946
    Mr. Minoru Bernard Makihara, 1950
    Ms. Michel McQueen Martin, 1976
    The Rt. Rev. Paul Moore, Jr., 1937
    Mr. Robert Swan Mueller III, 1962
    Mr. Trevor A. Patzer, 1992
    Dr. Karen Louise Sawyer, 1974
    Ms. Augusta Read Thomas, 1982
    Mr. J. Randall Williams 3d, 1930
    Dr. Jennifer Walser Wilson, 1986