Volunteers like you are a crucial part of our success. Our volunteer program is designed to forge connections among and between the forms, the School, and across the alumni community. There are many ways to donate your time, whether you decide to be a form agent or form director, start a Pelican Network, or organize an SPS gathering.

As a volunteer you are cordially invited to learn about current life at St. Paul’s School each fall. SPS in ACTION Weekend is devoted to discussions with the Rector, Trustees, Alumni Association leadership, faculty, and students. See below for volunteer opportunities available and please contact the Advancement Engagement Office at 603-229-4842 for more information.

Form Director

Form directors are elected to facilitate connections among formmates and between formmates and the School. The form director represents his or her form on the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association and is encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association in New York City in April of each year. Form directors are elected to a five-year term, usually just before their quinquennial reunion at Anniversary Weekend.
Form directors have these responsibilities:
  • Keep formmates up to date on the happenings at the School
  • Inform formmates of alumni events
  • Reach out to formmates during the year to collect formnotes for Alumni Horae
  • Support the Annual Fund by assisting the form agent(s) and by making their own gifts early in the fund year
  • Organize the form's reunion in partnership with the Alumni Office
  • Work with the Alumni Office to coordinate the election of his or her successor prior to the form's quinquennial reunion

Form Agent

The form agent is the principal fundraiser of the form. Form agents work in conjunction with form directors to orchestrate form donations to the Annual Fund.
Form agents have these responsibilities:
  • Collaborate with the form director on form communications
  • Solicit gifts from formmates for the Annual Fund
  • Be leaders in the giving process by making their own gifts to the Annual Fund early in the year
  • Consider each formmate's giving history and assign an appropriate target gift for each
  • Send two appeal letters to formmates per fund year
  • Followup letters with phone calls to formmates to request target gifts
  • Write a thank-you note to each formmate who makes a gift
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