Volunteers are a crucial part of our success. Our volunteer program is designed to forge connections among and between the forms, the School, and across the alumni community.

Whether you want to help with fundraising efforts, serve as a mentor, organize an event, or explore other opportunities to strengthen our community connections, there are many meaningful and rewarding ways to contribute your time.

Volunteer Opportunities

Form Director

Form directors represent their form on the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association, and are elected to facilitate connections among formmates and between formmates and the School. 
Questions/ideas: Contact Director of Alumni Relations Steve Donovan (603-229-4842)

Main Agent and Form Agents

The main agent is the principal fundraiser for a form who works with various form agents to orchestrate donations to the SPS Fund.
Questions: Contact Director of Advancement Diane Heitmiller (603-229-4875)

SPS Mentor

Mentors support fellow alumni using Alumnifire, the official networking and mentoring platform for St. Paul’s School alumni.
Questions: Contact Associate Director of Alumni Relations Lawrence Young (603-229-4708)

Event Host/Committee

Volunteer as an event host or join an event committee to recruit event attendees and highlight new speakers, programs, and concepts.
Questions/ideas: Contact Director of Alumni Relations Steve Donovan (603-229-4842)

Alumni Volunteer Training

Throughout the year, the Advancement Office offers a series of virtual as well as in-person events to educate volunteers about life at St. Paul’s School today and to provide them with helpful tools and information to facilitate their volunteer roles. 

If you have any problems accessing the recordings, please contact Steve Donovan, director of alumni relations, at 603-229-4842 or sdonovan@sps.edu.

Volunteer Resources
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SPS Form Volunteer Guide

Download a copy of the guide to learn more about your volunteer role.

Volunteer Management System

Log in to this new tool to make your form communications more seamless.

SPS News

Keep your formmates connected with what is happening at the School.