Our morning chapel programs, which take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, regularly feature a speaker — a member of the community or an invited guest — who will share their perspectives and stories with students and faculty.

Topics are wide-ranging, often inspirational, and reflective of the world today as well as the values that guide our community. 

“The most special thing about chapel,” one student says, “is that you get to see everyone and feel their positive energy, [and] absorb other people’s knowledge and love of the world.”

We invite you to engage with some of what has been shared in Chapel recently.

Rev. Chuck Wynder speaking in Chapel

Being a person of good character involves the difficult process of re-humanization — recognizing the humanity of others and acting on that universal kinship.

— Rev. Chuck Wynder Jr., speaking in chapel on Jan. 5, 2024


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Winter Convocation 2023

“During this season of the year, we have a special reverence for the light in which we can really see each other — light we have to seek to find others and to find our way, and light we have to show others to help them find us and find their way.”

Fall Convocation 2023

“You matter. Around the discussion table, in the house meeting, on the team or cast or in the club, you contribute to the living and learning of others in ways that are unique to you. You make us better, and we wouldn’t be as good without you.” 

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