Community Engagement

    • Group of students around a table

      Group of students around a table

The Community Engagement service requirement fosters a habit of service that extends well beyond a student’s time at St. Paul’s School by strengthening the foundation for good citizenship and cultivating active moral engagement within society.

Students use their talents to become worldly and selfless leaders as they learn about themselves and others through Community Engagement.

Real-life learning in realtime

Community Engagement weaves service into students’ lives:

  • Engage in service projects as members of interscholastic sports teams.
  • Enroll in and study service learning courses offered by each department.
  • Participate in rigorous service projects in lieu of athletics for one term per year.
  • Partake in School-sponsored service trips during break times.
    • 4 students volunteering at OUT-Fitters

      4 students volunteering at OUT-Fitters

    • Female student with the Junior Pelicans

      Female student with the Junior Pelicans

The Missionary Society, the largest and oldest student-run School organization, collaborates with the Community Engagement office to:

  • Coordinate more than 20 community service projects in the Concord area.
  • Oversee fundraising activities for worthy causes such as our partner school in Leger, Haiti.
  • Provides leadership training for our more than 50 project leaders.

Sokoloff Grants

The Kiril and Kate Sokoloff Fund was established in 2010 to support the Kiril and Kate Sokoloff Grants for Compassion and Kindness. Students who seek to promote the qualities of compassion and kindness which lie at the heart of the School Prayer are welcome to apply.
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