Community Engagement

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The Community Engagement Program connects St. Paul’s students with the local community, with an emphasis on youth mentorship, to address critical community needs and to foster and support positive academic, civic, and social/emotional growth for all. Students involved with Community Engagement Programs will:
  • Develop the capacity for self-reflection;
  • Monitor and regulate feelings to aid in the handling of situations;
  • Identify and understand the thoughts and feelings of others; and
  • Use verbal and nonverbal skills to express oneself and promote positive and effective exchanges with others.

Real-life learning in realtime

The goal of the program is to:
  • Help students develop and strengthen a sense of identity;
  • Become integrated in a mentor-type relationship; and
  • Acquire the necessary skills to become agents of change.
    • 4 students volunteering at OUT-Fitters

    • Female student with the Junior Pelicans

To put into action the St. Paul’s mission and school prayer, community engagement is a graduation requirement. The program is based on a credit system, and credit requirements are based on the time of matriculation as shown below:
  • Entering Third Formers – 2 credits
  • Entering Fourth Formers – 1.5 credits
  • Entering Fifth Formers – 1 credit
Students will work closely with the community engagement director and their advisers to plan how and when they will participate in community engagement while at SPS.

Programs Available

Sokoloff Grants

The Kiril and Kate Sokoloff Fund was established in 2010 to support the Kiril and Kate Sokoloff Grants for Compassion and Kindness. Students who seek to promote the qualities of compassion and kindness which lie at the heart of the School Prayer are welcome to apply.
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