Kathleen C. Giles is the 14th Rector, and first woman, to lead St. Paul’s School. She does so in collaboration with a team of senior administrators and more than 500 dedicated faculty and staff members. They are supported by a diverse Board of Trustees comprised of highly skilled SPS alumni and parent volunteers. 

Together, they work to honor and fulfill the mission of the School, “to educate students to build purposeful lives in service to the greater good,” with a commitment to excellence in character and scholarship. In 2022, Rector Giles and the Board of Trustees enacted a Strategic Plan for the School that will guide its evolution in the years to come. 

Kathy Giles

St. Paul’s School can … reinforce the strength and diversity of our people and community. We can celebrate the life of the mind, spirit, and body and seek to inspire the myriad kinds of kindness, compassion, empathy, and creativity that create joy. … And, we can continue to evolve as a community and institution to bring forth what is best in each other and — all of us — build purposeful lives in service to the greater good.”

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Board of Trustees

St. Paul’s School Trustees work with the Rector and the senior administrative team in stewarding the School’s assets and determining the strategic direction of the School. 

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