The Program
The Fine Arts Program, housed in the newly renovated Fine Arts Building features a studio-based curriculum, with hands-on studio assignments supplemented by a broad introduction to art history, theory, criticism, and aesthetics. Students may choose to study across a variety of studio arts disciplines, targeted to any student, from an art novice, to one who wishes to be immersed in the creation of art throughout his or her St. Paul’s career. Students are expected to display their work as one outcome of each course during the annual student show in the Cumpacker Gallery.
The Curriculum
New students begin with introductory studio art courses, which serve as prerequisites to the advanced elective program. Introductory and advanced courses are offered in three major areas of study: drawing, painting and printmaking; sculpture and ceramics; and photography and computer graphics. Advanced Placement courses are offered as culminating classes in each of these three major areas of study. The fine arts program also offers courses in architecture and art history. For a list of courses, view the online course catalog.

The Faculty
All Fine Arts faculty members are practicing artists who instruct in their own areas of expertise as well as create their own work throughout the school year. Practicing their art while teaching it, faculty members cultivate a community of creation within the Fine Arts Building. Faculty work is exhibited annually at the end-of-year faculty show in the Crumpacker Gallery. Learn more about the Fine Arts faculty members by reading their biographies listed on the right side of this page.

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  • Photo of Colin Callahan

    Mr. Colin "Colin" Callahan 

    Chair Arts Department, Director Crumpacker Gallery
    (603) 229-4643
  • Photo of Leigh Kaulbach

    Ms. Leigh "Leigh" Kaulbach 

    Teacher of Fine Arts
    (603) 229-5500 x6029
  • Photo of Charles Lemay

    Mr. Charles "Charlie" Lemay 

    Fine Arts Faculty
    (603) 229-5560
  • Photo of Brian Schroyer

    Mr. Brian "Brian" Schroyer 

    Fine Arts Faculty
    (603) 229-5566
  • Photo of Rebecca Soderberg

    Mrs. Rebecca "Becky" Soderberg 

    Fine Arts Faculty
    (603) 229-5551