The Theater Program at St. Paul’s School is designed to provide a fun, inclusive, creative space for all students — both on-stage and off.

We support students who have never before participated in theater and also those who have a desire to study theater in great depth during their time at SPS and beyond. We firmly believe that theater is a process and that our students are always evolving and growing as people and artists. Our approach is therefore student-centered and provides various entry points to perform on stage and explore and be involved in all aspects of technical theater.

Faculty Voices

Meet Kirsten McKinney

Director of Theater Kirsten McKinney says of her students, “Their love and passion for what they do is so palpable. … I love this age group because they haven’t lost their joy of play.” 

Room for Everyone

To provide as much access as possible to the theater experience, SPS offers a tiered casting system, which enables students with afternoon commitments — like a sport or ballet — that would otherwise conflict with theater rehearsals to participate in a way that fits their schedules. It may be through smaller roles or opportunities to work on the technical aspects of a production.

Students also have the chance to fully immerse themselves in the discipline and also take on leadership roles within the program, as heads of the Theater Club, members of the artistic leadership team, or as theater company captains. The design is for the program to support students in their creative expression in as many ways possible.

Student performance of "These Shining Lives"

SPS Spotlight

In Fall 2022, 17 cast and crew members performed “These Shining Lives,” a play based on the true story of four women and their courageous fight against a corporation that was making them sick. 

Blue Stockings performance in SPS Black Box.
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