The SPS academic program offers exceptional depth and breadth, giving students both a solid grounding in the fundamentals and the flexibility to pursue varied and enriching electives. The core curriculum includes challenging courses in: humanities, mathematics, sciences, languages, religion, and the arts. At St. Paul’s, students and their teachers work in collaboration – in discussion around Harkness tables, in laboratories, and in the field to investigate new and age-old questions. Through rigorous academic standards, students are encouraged to attain the highest level of scholarship and intellectual growth and development. Challenged by exceptional faculty, St. Paul’s School students prepare intensively toward success in college, university, and career.

The School offers an ambitious sciences curriculum, in which students implement the scientific process and content learned from their initial course in physics to the following study of chemistry and then biology. Science students next have the opportunity to study each of these foundation courses at an advanced level, as well as opportunities in astronomy, engineering, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Students encounter a carefully designed mathematics curriculum that allows them to progress through comprehensive content and trains them as keen analytical thinkers. In our integrated, interdisciplinary humanities curriculum, students learn to think critically and to connect important notions in literature, history, philosophy, and religious studies.

St. Paul’s School goes beyond the traditional language learning structure and offers courses in seven languages, as part of the SPS commitment to a global education. The School also recognizes that intense and regular involvement in the arts is fundamental to creating a well-educated person. A performance-based arts program ensures that students at all levels in music, dance, theatre, and the fine arts can develop and grow.

St. Paul’s School requires participation in four other areas of community life to complement the academic endeavors of our students: living in community, community outreach, athletics, and Chapel. The School’s commitment to education and caring for the whole person, as reflected in this all-encompassing view of education, supports and nurtures the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional development of our students. The School’s Advanced Studies, Honors, and Independent Study Programs provide additional opportunities for students to dive deeper into subjects they find most compelling. Teachers at SPS come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them a variety of world perspectives, educational excellence, and rich life experiences. Our faculty members live among the students in our fully residential community, making it easy for them to forge lifelong bonds with students. Teaching goes beyond the classroom, as faculty members serve as advisers, coaches, mentors, and friends.



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