The St. Paul’s School college advisers believe strongly that our work is an integrated part of the holistic education at the School. While students are not formally assigned advisers until the Fifth Form year, in a more foundational way their preparation begins much earlier.

When Third and Fourth Formers contemplate fundamental questions in their humanities classes, such as who they are and the relationship between the individual and community, they are learning developmentally in a way that will prepare them to ask the right questions in the college search. When students explore the myriad service opportunities available in the larger Concord area, they can discover the power of their own actions on others and uncap a sense of selflessness, humility, and passion. Whether on an athletic team, in the orchestra, through relationships built in the house, or in their countless other daily experiences, they are all learning the power of teamwork and gaining opportunities to develop leadership skills. By the time we begin our formal work with them, many of the building blocks have already been laid; the joyful task of helping them identify the many colleges that fit their individual profiles and needs is left to us. It is wonderful work.

Our office is committed to supporting students and parents alike with each important step on this exciting journey of exploration and discovery. From the introspective beginnings of the search, to collaborating as we identify appropriate college choices, to encouraging students as they put their best foot forward in their applications, and finally, to listening and counseling as they make their decisions on where to attend, we take pride in our attentiveness to the needs and care of each individual. Our greatest rewards come as we watch our students gain in self-awareness and confidence, knowing they are prepared to thrive as scholars, community members, and servant leaders in college and beyond.

Timothy W. Pratt
Dean of College Advising