Want to go even further in your studies?

We will help you pursue professional-level science research; dive more deeply into the classical languages; design an independent study project; or create an advanced topic of study with your teacher. It’s all possible and designed to keep pace with your interests and ability. 

Next-Level Learning

Classical Honors Program

Students in the Classical Honors Program take an advanced course of study in both Latin and Greek and graduate from St. Paul’s with a special Classical Honors Diploma.

Next-Level Learning

Applied Science and Engineering Program (ASEP)

ASEP offers students with a passion for science and engineering a project-based, individual learning curriculum that includes a hands-on summer research experience in laboratories in and beyond the U.S. 

You Design What Comes Next …

For upper level students who have exhausted the School’s course offerings or for those who would like to pursue an interest not covered within our curriculum, they have an opportunity to present proposals for independent work.

Advanced Topics

Advanced Topics allow highly motivated students with excellent academic records to pursue independent scholarship on a subject of interest within the Arts, Languages, Mathematics, or Sciences, under the supervision of a faculty member. To apply, students must find a faculty member to serve as a mentor and receive approval from their adviser and the subject’s corresponding department head. 

Independent Study

For Sixth Formers who want to pursue a subject not otherwise covered by our curriculum, we also offer the opportunity to undertake an Independent Study Project (ISP). ISPs can be as short as a term or as long as a full year and can cover virtually any interest. In recent years, ISPs have included study abroad,  internships, screenplays and story collections — diverse experiences that have in common the personal growth that comes from working in an independent setting. ISP proposals are submitted to a committee of faculty and students for approval and are overseen by a faculty adviser.

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What Drives You?

We’re here to help make your SPS experience everything you want it to be. Learn more about course options, study opportunities and more by speaking with an Admissions Officer.