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Step into a classroom at St. Paul's School, and you never know where your education may go. Start with an interest in artificial intelligence and robotics, and you may find yourself next taking a class on Metacognition and Literature. Come to St. Paul's loving the arts and leave with an equal love for science.

The SPS academic program gives students a solid grounding in the fundamentals along with the flexibility to pursue varied and enriching electives. Students and their teachers work in collaboration – in discussion around Harkness tables, in laboratories, and in the field to investigate new and age-old questions. The core curriculum includes challenging courses in: humanities, mathematics, sciences, languages, religion, and the arts Inspired by exceptional faculty, St. Paul’s School students prepare intensively toward success in college, university, and career.

Olivia, Singapore

“You come here and you get to try all these new things. You get to dive in and explore everything.”
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Character. Community.
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