The Advanced Studies Program is committed to educating the whole person and preparing students to make contributions to a changing and challenging world.

ASP defines education as all of the structured experiences in which students participate: course work, recreational activities, and residential life. These opportunities involve valuable interaction between faculty, interns, house advisers, and students.

The ASP allows intensive study in two subjects – the Writing Workshop taken by every student, and an elective major course. Both subjects are studied with a level of focus not possible during the busy school year. The material, pace, and depth of study are collegiate. To foster healthy risk-taking and manage college-level workloads, no grades are given. For many students, the ASP will be the first learning environment in which it’s cool to be smart and to care about academic inquiry. It can also be the first time students will be truly pushed by their peers.

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What ASP Offers
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College Advising

Read more about ASP’s college advising program and how we help students navigate the process.