The fully residential ASP is built to emulate the academic community of a college.

Students, interns and faculty study, eat, play and live together in single-sex dormitories. The program makes use of virtually every facility at the School, from the Astronomy Center and the Engineering Lab to the crew docks on Turkey Pond.

This depth of shared experience — with students invited from over 80 high schools across the state — allows for academic experimentation, personal growth, and connecting with the natural world throughout the 2,000 acres of the grounds. Graduates of the ASP know as they enter their senior year of high school that they are prepared academically and socially to excel in college.

Ready to learn more? Explore a Day in the Life below.

Day in the Life

Morning Chapel

Four mornings a week, students and faculty begin their day in Chapel. They gather to hear presentations and personal narratives from members of the ASP community and from guests, sing, and reflect on current events. Although St. Paul’s School is affiliated with the Episcopal Church, the Chapel program is ecumenical and inclusive in expression and practice.

Day in the Life


Following the 8:30 a.m. Chapel, classes begin at 9 a.m. and run through lunch, with fresh air and conversation during Fruit Break mid-morning. Afternoons include a 90-minute rec period and plenty of downtime before jumping into the evening’s homework.

Day in the Life

Recreational Activities

During rec, students can choose from a variety of activities, from strenuous, competitive soccer to quiet, contemplative yoga. They can run cross country or hone their rowing skills, setting off from the boat docks on Turkey Pond. Rec is meant to create new talents, develop current abilities, and create a deeper sense of community by allowing interaction with a broader swath of the community outside of classes and the dorm.

Day in the Life


Coffee houses, theater performances, and study hall run after dinner — in the dorms, Ohrstrom Library, or Lindsay Center for Math and Sciences — until 10 p.m. Students then return to their dorms for further study, socializing in the common rooms, or to engage in weekly inter-dorm pizza feeds and serenades. With the exception of Saturdays, lights-out is at 11 p.m.